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Eyegasm 2018 submission guidelines and general information


FEES:  This year, there is no entry fee. Artists will be charged 15% of sales.

WHAT TO ENTER:  Originals, as well as limited edition prints are allowed. (only one print of each image)  Computer generated art will be considered, but should show more the creativity of the artist than the programmer.  All mediums* are welcome, 2D or 3D. Please check first before sumbitting anything that sheds, or requires special handling. All work must be for sale. You may also bring business cards or flyers for the information table.

HOW TO PRESENT IT:  Works on paper, unstretched canvas, and prints should be mounted or matted with a firm backing. A wire or other hanging device should be attached. (otherwise we’ll use a clip, which will dent the mat.)  Shrink wrapping or acetate bags are strongly recommended. Paintings on firm backings such as canvas or masonite must have a wire or other hanging device on the back. Frames are not required. You may include pedestals for your sculpture, provided they can be easily moved by one person. We will not have cases to secure small items in, so bring cases if you need them.


Children:  No images of children will be allowed. Childlike mystical beings will be considered on an individual basis.     

Violence and Horror: Violent images are allowed, however, keep in mind that we want to titillate, not appall. We reserve the right to refuse artwork that is too disturbing

Politics: We prefer to keep politics out of sex. Save overt political statements for other venues.

Other issues may arise, any exclusions are at the discretion and paranoia of the art director.

Notice to photographers! Be prepared to show proof of age for all your models, even if they are clothed. This applies to any work with photography as part of the process. Also, although animals may be included in the image, they may not be shown actually having intercourse with humans. (this applies only to photography)

HOW TO ENTER:  Use the control sheet forms and tags provided. Make a copy for yourself, and a copy for us. A title/price tag must be attached to each piece.  Artwork may be delivered by hand to our location, 303 Washington SW, through January 17. Contact us ahead of time for an appointment, so someone will be there to accept your submissions. E-mail kinky@kinkyspot.com, or call 232-2161 for arrangements. 

ALL UNSOLD WORK MUST BE PICKED UP BY February 3rd, at the same location.

SECURITY: The show will be monitored by Eyegasm staff at all times. We will take all possible care to protect your work. (since we want you to enter again, next time!)  But we cannot make any promises, and all entries are at the artist's own risk.

OTHER:  For any questions or special arrangements, e-mail kinky@kinkyspot.com, or phone Darla at (505) 232-2161. 

*We did not expect to have to specify this, but work that constitutes a biohazard can not be accepted. Consider your medium with that in mind.


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